BAI Integrated Marketing Kit

Today’s financial services leaders want to make business decisions with confidence. They’re continually seeking objective business analytics, information on market trends, and expert insights on diverse industry topics.

Thousands of leaders turn to BAI for the trusted resources and data they need.

As a solutions provider, you’re a key part of the decision making process, as financial services leaders evaluate solutions that can drive positive change in their organizations. BAI can help pave the way for you to connect with them.

With integrated marketing strategies that include BAI digital connections and events, you’ll strengthen your position as a knowledgeable industry resource.

Through BAI, you have valuable opportunities to:

  • Access decision makers

  • Demonstrate your expertise

  • Build awareness of your brand in the industry

For more than 90 years, BAI has been building connections — between people, businesses, and resources to power smart decisions and drive positive change.

Because we believe a strong financial services industry helps consumers, businesses, and communities thrive.

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