BAI Webinar

Credit Risk Management for the Lingering Effects of COVID-19

RECORDED: May 20, 2020
TIME: 1:30 - 2:30 PM CT

In response to the pandemic, financial institutions must take the appropriate steps to ensure a robust credit risk management process. Starting with the current interagency statement on loan modifications, this webinar will address current regulatory expectations, including appropriate information that should be collected from customers. Communication with customers at this time is most appropriate and acting on the information learned from them can better position the institution going forward. What is often missing or lacking, is a better understanding of the institution’s customers from a risk management prospective and ultimately the impact that this downturn can potentially have on the institution's customers and asset quality. How quickly the institution reacts now can impact its potential recovery.

Join us for this complimentary BAI webinar to acquire key information and insights for appropriate credit risk management in order to minimize potential credit losses and achieve a much better recovery.

Key Takeaways:

  • Risk-based reviews of the institution’s loan portfolio
  • Suggestions for appropriate adjustments in your allowance methodology
  • Appropriate level of loan review oversight
  • Early problem loan warning signs and risk mitigation


Merrill J. Reynolds, Jr.

Reynolds Williams Group

A graduate of Southern Methodist University and The Southwestern Graduate School of Banking, Mr. Reynolds began his career as a bank examiner with the Federal Reserve Bank of Dallas. A 40+ year banking veteran, he has worked for both community and multi-bank holding companies in various lending and managerial capacities. Mr. Reynolds serves as an instructor for multiple state and national banking organizations and was instrumental in the design of the only accredited certification course for loan review professionals. Mr. Reynolds has been a lead instructor for Bank Administration Institute, has served as a faculty member of The Southwestern Graduate School of Banking for 20 years and is a regular speaker for The Assembly for Bank Directors, Independent Bankers of Texas and numerous national conferences and seminars.