The Critical Piece of Risk Assessment and Fraud Prevention Data You’re Currently Not Using

Nearly every online transaction requires the customer to enter their email address, so why isn't this critical piece of data part of your transaction risk assessment? Email addresses are a global identifier and are not considered sensitive, personally identifiable information in the United States. Financial institutions are increasingly collecting email addresses for customer communication and notification purposes.

Learn how a simple email address can be successfully used as part of your organization’s overall risk assessment and fraud prevention strategy and to accelerate approvals of good transactions. Join us for this complimentary BAI Banking Strategies Webinar as a product and risk management expert shares insights from his 15 years of expertise in financial services fraud prevention.

Key Takeaways: Improving Fraud Prevention with Non Sensitive Data

  • Prevent more fraud by using data you already collect

  • Implement machine learning algorithms that react and prevent fraud in real-time

  • Confirm you are communicating with the intended customer or account owner

  • Receive critical information of a possible account takeover in the case of a high-risk warning

Your Presenter

Amador Testa
Chief Product Officer

Amador Testa is a product and risk management expert with 15 years of expertise in financial services fraud prevention. As Emailage’s Chief Product Officer, Mr. Testa oversees the research and advancement of the latest technologies in fraud strategy. Under his leadership, the company has been recognized by Forbes as one of the Most Promising Companies in America. Prior to joining Emailage, Mr. Testa was the Director of Personal Savings & Card Acquisitions Fraud Risk Management at American Express and later Senior Vice President for Fraud Risk at Citigroup. Mr. Testa has a bachelor’s degree in Law and a master’s degree in Business.

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August 18, 2015