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BAI Executive Report: Compliance: the Partnership Challenge

Regulation has long been a fact of life for bankers but much less so for non-bank companies that partner or work with banks. However, that is quickly changing as both banks and non-bank companies face an ever increasing tide of new regulations in the wake of the 2008 financial crisis. In today’s world, to work with banks is to work with bank regulators as well.

Articles in this Executive Report include:

Marketplace Lenders Face Regulatory Scrutiny
The fast-growing marketplace will likely come under increasing regulatory scrutiny and oversight in the years to come.

Compliance Challenge of Collaborating with Online Lenders
Bankers are facing increasing regulatory challenges to collaborating with online marketplace lenders.

Mortgage and Auto Lenders Grapple with Disparate Impact
Mortgage and auto lenders are re-evaluating their internal anti-discrimination practices after a Supreme Court ruling means the disparate impact theory is here to stay.