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BAI Banking Strategies Executive Report: Marketing's New Horizon

What remains of traditional marketing – TV buys and print ads – certainly doesn’t play much of a role in the financial services industry anymore, where today’s marketers utilize digital media to get their message out while making in-depth use of customer analytics to focus their spend. In this BAI Banking Strategies Executive Report, entitled “Marketing’s New Horizon,” we show how bank marketers have upped their game to take advantage of the new opportunities for analysis and outreach.

Articles in this Executive Report include:

Building the Bank Brand Digitally
Marketing executives say digital channels offer a great opportunity for building a bank brand but also present quantitative challenges in proving the business case.

Making “Right audience, Right message, Right time” a Reality
To optimize marketing efficiency and performance, financial institutions need to enhance their core data, segment their audience, use consistent messaging across channels, and use closed-loop attribution to measure performance.

Fighting the Talent Battle in Bank Marketing
Bank chief marketing officers need to be proactive in building teams that can operate effectively in today’s digital world.

Delivering True 1:1 Marketing at Scale with Data
Many financial services marketers are struggling to incorporate actual personalization into their marketing strategies. Leveraging three steps for realizing true 1:1 marketing at scale through the use of consolidated data has the potential to radically improve business and drive growth.

Upping the Game in Marketing to Small Businesses
Going beyond traditional marketing, bankers now post blogs and white papers, offer credit coaching and extended hours, and pay for leads to gain an edge in pursuing small business customers.