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BAI Banking Strategies Executive Report: Banking's Digital Transformation

The banking world finds itself in the midst of technological changes unparalleled in human history. In this BAI Banking Strategies Executive Report, “Banking’s Digital Transformation,” we examine close up what those changes mean to you, in 2016 and beyond.

Articles in this Executive Report include:

Changing Branches in a Digital Age
While increased use of digital banking interactions doesn’t mean the branch is dead, it does mean branches need to evolve to meet new customer expectations.

Banking on Marketing as a Revenue Generator
Banks should promote and execute a digital marketing revolution within their organizations to gain competitive advantage and enhance customer engagement.

Content Marketing Beyond the Website
Bankers are finding that content marketing is not only useful on their websites; it can also engage customers via seminars, webinars, in-branch visits and mobile devices.

How Data Fuels Banking’s Digital Transformation
Using analytics, banks can look at the same data as their competitors, yet discover new patterns and insights to develop differentiating, even disruptive, products and services.

Data Reshaping Sales and Product Design
Customer data is king in banking today as financial institutions learn how to utilize it for sales, customer service and product design.