BAI Banking Strategies Executive Report: A Look Ahead to U.S. Retail Banking in 2016

Top retail banking executives, at institutions both large and small, are expressing a mix of optimism and uncertainty as they look ahead to 2016. The optimism stems from a generally improving economy, particularly in the housing market. The uncertainty largely flows from concern over the direction of interest rates. Rising rates would be beneficial to bank net interest margins, but global economic conditions have made the Federal Reserve wary of boosting rates. That’s the perspective that emerges from interviews we conducted for this BAI Banking Strategies Executive Report.

Articles in this Executive Report include:

The Road Ahead for 2016
Retail executives at large banks look ahead to a potential rise in interest rates by the Federal Reserve, increased shifts to online and mobile channels, advances in payments and customer data analytics and competitive threats posed by fintech startups.

The Transformation of the Retail Branch with Workforce Management
As new banking technologies and demand for changing service models drive transformation at the branch, employee engagement can play a key role in optimizing sales and service delivery.

Challenge and Opportunity for Community Banks
Community banks face both challenge and opportunity in 2016 as they face uncertainty over interest rates, a sluggish recovery, increased regulations and rapid changes in customer preferences.

Retail Banking from the Perspective of the Technology Guy
Over the next few years, retail banking transformation will include self-service bank branches, mobile dominance, growth in virtual banks and retail store convergence.

Opportunity for Solutions Providers in 2016
Solutions providers see opportunities for new products and services in 2016 as their bank clients scramble to adjust to a fast-changing market.

The Good, Bad and Surprising News About Millennials
While Millennials are certainly more tech-savvy than previous generations, they also display a surprising preference for opening checking accounts at the branch, which provides cross-sell opportunities for financial institutions.

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