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BAI Banking Strategies Executive Report: Steering through banking's channels

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Articles in this report include:

The heart of customer centricity: Insights from BAI’s banking research
Banks discuss it. Customers demand it. To truly put the customer first, here’s what needs to come first.

At the roots of the branch, transformation via analytics
New accounts aren’t enough to make branches prosper. Every strategy requires specifics—and analytics to turn vagueness to clarity.

Branching out on a limb: Thinking beyond channels to deliver unsurpassed customer experiences
In an omnichannel world, high-tech becomes high art when applied to putting the customer first.

Please continue to hold on: Call centers struggle to fight the rise of cyber fraud
Call centers don’t get the same anti-fraud attention as other areas of the financial institution. That spells danger for banks and consumers—and creates opportunity for crooks.

BI + BA = CA (customer acquisition)
As they face relentless pressure from FinTechs, banks must turn to business intelligence and business analytics.

Four roots of the branch: How to grow personal, professional customer service
Branches come in many shapes, sizes and designs. But all rest on the same guiding principle: great customer service via smart workforce management.

The revolution will be improvised: Five innovations that could change branch banking
Bank burger bars aren’t here (yet). But while you hold the mayo, enjoy a craft java or design a credit card via eye-popping wall display.