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Maximum Recognition, Minimal Effort: How Financial Services Meets Millennials’ Emotional Needs

October 12, 2016

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Banks understand the need to walk the tightrope of evolving with millennials while remaining a source of established trust. Half of this generation still uses physical branch locations, but more than half would prefer to handle the majority of their personal finances on their phones. One in four has a person they know and trust at their primary financial services institution, but 87% trust new financial technologies. The banks that can understand and engage with this seemingly dichotomous mindset will find lifelong customers.

This webinar will examine the motivational drivers millennials use to make purchase decisions in three financial services categories: auto insurance, mortgage lending, and digital wallets. It will discuss the Neuroanalytics process used to discover motivations and apply them to the strategic and creative process for optimal results. It will also look at fascinating consistencies in the millennial mindset that will help any company targeting millennials form a game-changing strategy that addresses their subconscious desires.

In this complimentary BAI webinar, financial services marketers will learn:

  • Top reasons behind millennials’ digital wallet and lending purchasing decisions
  • How motivation-based insight can fuel your customer engagement strategy
  • Practical scenarios on where to start and how to move your organization toward motivation-based customer engagement

Your Presenters

Brian Campbell
Senior Director, Financial Services Strategy

Brian has 20 years of experience in the financial services industry with breadth of experience on the client and agency sides of the business. He possesses an expertise in a variety of lines of business including deposits, card products, consumer lending and investments & retirement. His specialties with direct hands-on experience include the following areas: multichannel CRM database marketing (leveraging and optimizing targeted online and offline media), marcom marketing communications, product development and management, loyalty marketing and payments.

Prior to joining Merkle, Brian spent several years in direct marketing leadership roles at Bank of America, GE Capital, Washington Mutual and JPMorgan Chase. Brian currently works on the Industry Vertical Strategy team at Merkle focused on deploying data-driven integrated marketing acquisition and CRM strategies for financial services clients. Merkle clients directly strategically engaged with include American Express, Citizens Bank and PNC Bank.

Brian holds a BS in Accounting from Hampton University. He lives in Washington, DC and enjoys international travel during his free time.

Ethan Hanson
Associate Director, Digital Marketing & Consumer Research

Ethan has more than 10 years of experience as a marketing professional with focuses in research, analytics and strategy across CPG, Energy, Travel & Entertainment, Health Sciences, Financial Services, High Tech, Telecom and Non-Profit. Ethan and his team were responsible for some of the first innovations in joining offline research with online data for personalized targeting capabilities.

Over the years he has had the chance to be a part of several hundred one-on-one consumer interviews, and gathered over 130,000 consumer survey responses on behalf of various brands. Prior to joining Merkle, Ethan helped to build the first CRM database for a Global 50 Energy company and drive successful competitive strategy campaigns in telecom.

He holds a B.S. in Marketing and International Business from The University of Louisville and an MBA from Newman University. Ethan and his wife have two boys and a dark golden retriever!

Mike Adamson
Senior Manager, Customer Experience Strategy

Mike is a copywriter, brand messaging strategist, customer experience planner, and proliferate bizspeak BSer. As part of Merkle’s Neuroanalytics team, he helps brands align their messaging to resonate with the deepest motivations of their customers. He understands the power of crafting a story that an audience can identify with and always pushes for show over tell, benefit over feature. When he’s not writing goosebump-inducing headlines or chuckling at unusable puns, you can find Mike playing in the mountains and breweries of Denver.