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Digitization of Payments – Executing an Enhanced Digital Payments Strategy

Recorded: January 26, 2016

To thrive and grow in today’s complex payments landscape, having a complete view of available opportunities is essential. With the growth of mobile wallets, wearables, bitcoin and electronic payments, discovering the best digital mix and developing an execution strategy, can be a significant challenge. In order to grow your payments mix, you need to understand how new technology can be adopted within your organization; and how to implement these strategies correctly to mitigate costly errors.

The need for key insights about today’s payments industry leads hundreds of payments leaders to attend the BAI Payments Connect conference each year. As a precursor to BAI Payments Connect 2016, this webinar will provide expert insights into the challenges impacting the industry that will discussed at length at this year’s conference.

This webinar will focus on:

  • Leveraging Key Trends and Strategies for Your Digital Payments Strategy

  • Identifying Key Opportunities for Your Organization to Optimize Digital Payments

  • Effectively Executing an Advanced Digital Payments Strategy

Your Presenter

Leon Majors
Senior Vice President
Phoenix Payments Systems Practice

Mr. Majors is the founder of Phoenix Marketing International Payments Systems Practice research division, and has more than thirty years of consulting and project management experience covering many areas of banking and technology research, including managing an annual ATM industry tracking study since 1980 and a Consumer Payments Preferences study which has run for more than 10 years. Each year, Mr. Majors and his group interviews thousands of banks, thousands of corporations and tens of thousands of consumers on all aspects of the payments landscape. Phoenix Payment Systems Practice’s primary research efforts include analysis and forecasting to measure and project the impact of emerging technologies on the use of traditional banking and payment systems and services. This effort includes annual tracking studies in ATMs, Mobile Banking, Branch Technology, and B2B and Consumer Payments. Mr. Majors has managed over 200 projects in financial services research.

Mr. Majors is a noted industry speaker with appearances at industry conferences including the National Postal Forum, Bank Administration Institute (BAI), NACHA, IFO/TAWPI and Smart Card Alliance events and conferences. For the past several years, Mr. Majors has been a member of the Board of Advisors to the Federal Reserve Bank of Boston’s Survey of Consumer Payment Choices.