BAI Webinar: BSA Hot Topics

Money Laundering,
Human Trafficking, and Marijuana


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RECORDED: December 13, 2018
TIME: 1:00 - 2:00 PM CT

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BSA continues to loom as a challenge to the financial services industry. The Financial Action Task Force recently released two publications — Financial Flows from Human Trafficking and Professional Money Laundering. This webinar will provide you an analysis and overview of the key points and action steps you should be taking. In addition, time will be spent providing information about marijuana related businesses and key regulatory questions.

Join us for this complimentary BAI webinar with presenter Tim Tedrick, Partner, Wipfli LLP Ltd to learn what you need to know about current BSA hot topics.

Key Takeaways:

  • Key points of how BSA relates to human trafficking and professional money laundering
  • Important information on the latest BSA concerns related to marijuana and hemp
  • Action steps you should be taking to mitigate risks

Tim Tedrick

Wipfli LLP

Tim is a partner with the accounting firm of Wipfli LLP Ltd. He has more than 40 years of experience, the first eleven with a bank, and the remaining with Wipfli where he now heads up the compliance team. He was the compliance officer, cashier, security officer and one of the loan officers when he left the bank. Since then he has performed consultations for various sized financial institutions in six states to help the institutions prepare for examinations by regulators. A graduate of the ABA National Graduate Compliance School in Norman, Oklahoma, he is also a Certified Regulatory Compliance Manager and a Certified Risk Professional. He has taught at various state banking schools and has given training sessions to banks on a regular basis. His firm provides traditional accounting, audit consulting and tax services to approximately 800 financial institutions on an ongoing basis.