Assigning the Right Compliance Courses to the Right People

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Given all the recent regulatory changes, are you assigning the right courses to the right people?

That’s a question that many in the financial services industry ask. When assigning compliance courses, financial services organizations need to understand how each compliance issue impacts the employees at their business. Without this understanding, organizations run the risk of either under-assigning or over-assigning courses to their staff which can have serious consequences for productivity.

Annually, BAI works with over 2,300 banks, credit unions and other financial institutions to help them improve their compliance programs. In our article: Assigning the Right Compliance Courses to the Right People, we cover the four key areas organizations need to look at to properly assign courses, which include:

  • Functional Departments and Lines of Business
  • Experience Levels
  • Responsibilities
  • Risk Areas

For a more in-depth look at the factors financial services organizations should look at when assigning courses, download “Assigning the Right Compliance Courses to the Right People” today.