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New trends in lending and mortgage

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There can be no denying that the lending and mortgage processes don’t exactly exemplify "seamless experiences". One sensible starting point involves reconsidering credit scores as the be-all-and-end-all to prove borrowers qualify. And artificial intelligence promises to help banks increase efficiencies, especially in facing today’s regulatory hurdles. This executive report provides actionable insights that address the challenges banks face in the lending and mortgage space, while pointing the way forward to prepare for the big changes and bigger opportunities ahead.

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Articles in this report include:

Changing the score: How alternative lenders rethink FICO ratings
For years, creditworthiness has hinged on payment history. But a new breed of lenders has added new metrics to the formula.

Artificial intelligence for real-world regulatory hurdles
Balancing the needs of consumers and demands of regulators can be a tricky business. But a new wave of technology looks set to bridge the gap.

From saving time to time to save: The role money plays in millennial lives
FinTechs, mortgage brokers and online lenders excel at ease and speed. But some roadblocks demand the human touch banks have in spades.

Writing a non-friction book: Towards a seamless bank lending process
Banks and credit unions that get past negative stereotypes will find opportunities to help young adults as they build business.