Leveraging Microlearning for Compliance Training 

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Microlearning continues to grow in popularity for busy professionals because of its focus and efficiency.

However, financial services regulators and compliance professionals are frequently skeptical about microlearning being appropriate for compliance training.

Identifying how and when to utilize microlearning for compliance training can be challenging, but can have a huge payoff when it comes to teaching employees new concepts quickly.

BAI has nearly 100 years of experience helping financial services professionals. Every year BAI assists more than 2,300 financial services institutions with their compliance training programs, and their learners have completed more than a million BAI microlearning courses to date.

In BAI’s article: “Leveraging Microlearning for Compliance Training,” we cover several important aspects of microlearning including:

  • Types of microlearning
  • How microlearning works
  • Challenges of microlearning
  • When microlearning should be utilized
  • How to use microlearning strategies

To learn more about how microlearning can be an effective tool for your compliance training program, download our article: “Leveraging Microlearning for Compliance Training.”