Qualities to Look for in Compliance eLearning

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Financial services organizations have many regulations they must comply with.

Without a robust compliance training program, financial services organizations run the risk of being out of compliance with the governing bodies that regulate their business which can result in steep penalties, poor ratings, and in some cases, a suspension of services. Working with an eLearning company can help ensure staff are properly trained and ensure an organization is operating in compliance with the regulatory bodies that govern them.

There are many eLearning providers out there though, so how should an organization assess them to see if they meet their needs?

In BAI’s article: Qualities to Look for in Compliance eLearning, we provide several answers to questions financial services organizations should ask when assessing an eLearning provider’s content and platform, including:

  • Does the provider have compliance expertise?
  • Does the content feature real-world examples?
  • Does the platform provide engaging and interactive content?
  • Can timely updates be made in the platform?
  • And more!

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