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2024 banking

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Each December, the BAI Executive Report looks at the top priorities and key challenges financial services leaders are expected to face in the coming year.

This report includes insights from our recent BAI Banking Outlook: 2024 Trends survey that identified the top priorities for the upcoming year: deposit growth, followed by new customer acquisition and rounding out the top three was customer digital experience.

Not only does the report explore those topics in more detail, but it also covers data on consumer preferences and generational insights.

Articles in this report include:

Prioritizing deposit growth in inflationary times
On the heels of an extraordinarily challenging year, bankers must move forward with agility and creativity in 2024.

The critical importance of the digital customer experience
Somewhat unfairly, customers measure their bank’s digital delivery of services against the practices of world-class online retailers.

Walking a fine line
Banks and credit unions must establish strict fraud-mitigation protocols without creating so much friction that customers walk away.

What will successful tech transformation look like in 2024?
Experts recommend starting small and simple. Centralize customer data and build actionable customer profiles.

Six ways financial institutions can harness the power of AI
Data analytics, social media management, fraud detection and more will benefit from this new technology.

Why virtual assistants are the future of banking customer service
Conversational AI helps financial services organizations interact with technology in a human-like manner.

Transforming financial services with generative AI
Employees need not worry about losing their jobs to this new technology. They should feel enabled to work smarter in ways that benefit them.

Unlocking opportunity without creating risk
Financial services providers will tap AI’s full potential for identity verification and fraud prevention.

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