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This October in Orlando, BAI Beacon will be the place for financial services trailblazers who lead, innovate, inspire, learn, teach and cross-collaborate. In advance of BAI Beacon, four industry thought leaders offer their views on important industry topics.
This report will help you discover and ignite your own beacon, and bring its intensity, brightness and brilliance back to your organization.

Articles in this Special Report include:

Making branch communications networks work, today and tomorrow
In the high-tech sprint of the digital age, the question of how to time modernization only allows for one correct answer: Now.

The new watchword for digital growth: Transforming “transformation” into extension
Building on digital presence to enrich customer experience isn’t a given. But you can start by rethinking a long haul as short, sensible steps.

The check is in the email: Could digital checks replace paper checks
for small businesses?

Checks can be deposited digitally. But many small business owners may not know that they can be sent that way, too—and at a great cost savings.

The art of artificial intelligence, marketing and customer experience
Banking’s biggest sea change in history has arrived—with artificial intelligence and analytics bringing big wins to banks and the customers they serve.