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Once the hub for all physical transactions, branches today exist more “for customer relationship building and cross-selling.” For all the artificial intelligence, apps and wi-fi in the world, branches still hold a special place in the banking landscape and will in fact move forward thanks to a host of forward-thinking transitions. And if they’re here to stay, how might they be improved upon?  

Technology, no matter how newfangled or old school, must decisively solve a pain point and change with the times to guarantee its staying power.  If this report reinforces an overarching theme, it's this: Banks large and small must study branch transformation from many angles, learn from the success stories and act on the vision to do things differently.

Articles in this report include:

Timeless branch technology meets digital possibility 
ATMs and drive-thrus have lasted more than half a century. High-tech can’t replace them but could someday enhance them.

The self-service pump up: How the right tools fuel branch engagement and profits
In an age when customers expect maximum convenience and minimal waiting, branches can play a big role in building a relationship bridge.

Tech care of business: Use workforce management tools to meet branch goals
Digital transformation has made it complex to forecast and schedule in bank branch networks. But modern tools put success within reach.

Branch formats, bright future: Rethinking brick-and-mortar for modern markets
Is it a coffeeshop? A yoga studio? A concert venue? It’s all of the above, if it’s today’s bank branch reinventing itself to please customers.

Train, transform, transcend: Boosting branches by better preparing employees
An engaged, productive workforce holds the key to smooth-running, successful locations—which remain vital in the digital banking era.

A branch transformation trifecta: Optimize your self-service channel strategy
ATMs, digital channels, optimization. Mix these ingredients well and you’ve got a recipe for seamless success. 

Seven ways for bank branches to succeed in a digital world
Spanning areas from customer service to universal banking, these insights are crucial to branch transformation success.