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What customers want from their bank is evolving. While customers used to be satisfied with a reliable, easy-to-use app, they now want more of a relationship. They want to be treated like the regular at the corner café, where the staff knows them and how they take their coffee. In this month’s BAI Executive Report, we examine how financial services organizations are redefining their approaches to customer experience based on these changing wants and needs.

Articles in this report include:

Banks to customers: Let’s get personal
The benefits and challenges of true personalization in a digital world.

Beyond the app: The path to digital conversion begins with personalized service
With mobile adoption slowing, banks must find innovative approaches to engagement.

Plotting the CX line of demarcation
Bankers say the tipping point between customer digital self-service and human channels is tough to determine.

Omnichannel customer service evolves
Some forward-looking financial institutions are making it happen faster than others.

The CX journey to customer lifetime value
Insights that make the case for a focused, integrated consumer experience.

How incorporating AI can improve customer experience
Chatbots and dynamic search work hand in hand with live agents to deliver seamless self-service.