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The payments

revolution revisited

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In order to tee up your best banking initiatives for 2020, take a refreshed look at the wider payments landscape. There is plenty of evolution but keeping things in balance can be tricky. Faster speed could encourage fraud; better security could generate friction. Customers will want it all, and the best banks will look for ways to deliver.

Articles in this report include:

The ABCs of APIs and payments
"Application program interface" doesn’t roll off the tongue, but linking third-party system APIs will change payments forever.

Winning the ATM security arms race
Prepare for major battles, defend the perimeter and apply swift intelligence.

Credit unions, community banks and competing with fintechs
Smaller institutions can act globally and go digital to remain vital and viable.

Climb well spent: Getting to the top of the mobile wallet
Experts see sparks with mobile wallet adoption that banks can’t afford to ignore.

Payments power, channeled for customer engagement
Why engagement needs to be your primary concern in the sell-versus-engage debate.

Bearing down on payments fraud in 2020
Fraudsters are stepping up their nefarious strategies. Here’s how to stay safe.