BAI Banking Strategies Executive Report

A look ahead to banking in 2022

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As you’re fine tuning your financial institution’s 2022 strategy, gain insights on emerging industry trends in our latest Executive Report, “A look ahead to banking in 2022.”
  • BAI president and CEO Debbie Bianucci discusses how to attract and retain employees who can help your organization achieve its goals in her article on the increased competition for talent. “A strong and vibrant culture is the foundation,” she writes.
  • Karl Dahlgren, managing director at BAI, outlines recent BAI research that shows how traditional financial services providers are still trying to figure out how to attain, and then maintain, primacy among America’s younger generations.
  • Holly Hughes, the chief marketing officer at BAI, highlights how banks are turning their attention to the E in ESG—environmental—as they begin to understand their role in becoming carbon neutral and the environmental impact risk within their lending and investment portfolios.

The report also includes thought leadership from:

  • Eric Tran-Le from NICE Actimize Premier on ways the financial industry can address increasing peril from cybercriminals.
  • Christina Luttrell from IDology on how using a consumer-centric approach to identity verification can help financial institutions build trust and loyalty.
  • Rebecca Martin from Total Expert on the ways customer relationship management platforms can improve the customer experience.
  • Nicole Machado from Vericast Card Solutions on how to address the increased consumer demand for no-touch payment methods.