BAI Executive Report

Addressing banking’s key business challenges in 2023

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Each December, the BAI Executive Report looks at the key challenges financial services leaders are expected to face in the coming year.

The report includes insights from our recent BAI Banking Outlook: 2023 Trends survey that identified the top challenges ahead: gaining new customers, providing a more compelling digital banking experience and acquiring and retaining talent.

The report explores those topics in more detail, including data on consumer preferences, generational insights and banker priorities.

Articles in this report include:

New approaches to new-account acquisition
Community banks and credit unions in particular need to sharpen their customer targeting with flexible strategies that highlight their value proposition.

Digital experience will remain a challenge in 2023
Our latest BAI Banking Outlook survey shows that customers have noticed improvements in online and digital, but they have more wants and needs.

Workforce flexibility is a banking innovation
Executive leadership and all segments of the workforce can collaborate creatively to redefine flexibility and achieve strategic competitive advantages.

6 trends financial institution marketers need to know
Before you ring in the New Year, take a look at some of the key macro forces that will shape the market in 2023.

Using tech to build relationships
Here’s how driving value for consumers will help financial institutions differentiate themselves from the competition in 2023.

Winning big with fearless tech partnerships
How financial institutions and emerging fintech companies can work together to unblock innovation and unlock growth.

Trends, scams and fighting back
How banks and credit unions can better protect themselves against the growing threat of fraud in 2023.