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Mergers and acquisitions could drive up to half of the revenue growth for banks in the coming years, and neither rising interest rates nor escalating recession worries have stopped the U.S. banking industry's deal-making binge, various reports show.

In this BAI Executive Report, learn how financial services organizations can prepare for and capitalize on M&A growth opportunities.

Articles in this report include:

In banking, bigger is bigger
But to get to better, financial services providers must trade their traditional past for a more nimble future.

Making a deal into a win-win
With countless pitfalls possible, institutions must stay focused on what’s important to ensure a smooth integration.

Iowa credit union is leading the way in M&A
GreenState’s organic growth has soared over the past two decades—now swallowing small banks is the strategy.

Mergers are a test of people and processes
The banking world is evolving with respect to what employees value and expect from their work environment.

Ready data can smooth an acquisition
The benefit of providing near-realtime insight into client engagement, conversion performance and growth synergy capture cannot be overstated.

Change events threaten consumer loyalty
Delivering best-in-class customer service is the key, especially when long-standing connections are being disrupted.