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Digital transformation takes many shapes in 2019. But those represent separate tracks in a digital landscape where banks must face competitive realities by making sense of, use of, and progress with what works now. Perhaps properly tamed, today’s channel mix will help us create the seamless, peerless, connected banking experience of the future—and help us, in fact, to dig deeper.  

This executive report looks at the state of affairs in 2019 to find the bona fide digital action, why it matters and how to master it.

Articles in this report include:

Why traditional banks must solve the online account opening dilemma
In a world where consumers spend and shop online 24/7, banks must figure out how to make online account opening a reality.

Opening up to open banking
The new model translates to great opportunities to serve customers. Here’s how to take advantage of the flexibility and agility it offers.

Digital machines, flesh-and-blood digits: Putting the human touch in mobile and online banking
Yes, consumers want speed—lots of it. But as for giving up face-to-face interaction, not so fast.

Three ‘Es’ to easy mobile deposit adoption: engagement, experience, education
Despite its convenience, the technology intimidates many customers. Banks can turn the tide when they show—and tell—how it works.

The on-ramp for banks’ digital workflows
Banking’s digital transformation should include a strategy to handle all the paperwork.

Getting real with digital innovation
Financial institutions can get caught up in tech confusion. Here are five frontiers of true progress.