BAI Banking Strategies Executive Report

Banks and fintechs
are on the partnership track

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Not long ago, banks and credit unions viewed all fintechs as adversaries, and the idea of working together was a non-starter. But limited internal resources and limitless outside competition have financial institutions reassessing the value that fintechs may provide.

This month's BAI Executive Report looks at how banks and credit unions now view fintechs as potential partners.

Articles in this report include:

Teaming up with the competition
Once viewed with suspicion, fintechs are an increasingly valuable resource for banks.

Reclaiming the relationship
Amid changing consumer behavior and competition from fintechs, banks must rethink the customer connection.

A closer fit for banks and fintechs
“Everyone has realized that there’s more to win from collaboration and partnerships than there is from resisting change.”

Learning to play a new game
Through partnerships and acquisitions, fintechs are increasingly challenged by banking's tight regulatory structures.

How to spot the right tech partner for innovation
Three ways to identify collaborative companies that can help you attract and engage customers.

Liquidity: Here today, gone tomorrow?
With cash pouring into deposit accounts, banks need to recalibrate their strategies and prepare for the future.