BAI Banking Strategies Executive Report

Banks are embracing their ESG future

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Financial institutions are starting to recognize how they can benefit by addressing environmental, social and governance issues. They’re examining how climate changes can impact their loan portfolios, focusing on their stated social values, and figuring out how to disclose data in ways that will satisfy regulatory bodies like the SEC and CFPB.

Learn from thought leaders and gain ESG insights in “Banks are embracing their ESG future.”

Articles in this report include:

ESG is 2022’s banking trend to watch
In a fast-changing world, the industry doesn’t have much choice, but the path forward is still not clearly defined.

Banks have questions about ESG
Their concerns include how to measure and disclose, and how to achieve alignment of purpose across the enterprise.

Baking ESG into the strategy
Banks that have gone all-in on the environment and social commitments say it’s now a critical factor in running a good business.

How banks can measure hidden ESG risks
From standardized data collection to efficient reporting systems, the industry can capitalize on growing opportunities.

Green banking for a competitive edge
Smaller institutions may be able to differentiate themselves by shifting toward a sustainability-based identity.