BAI Banking Strategies Executive Report

Big stakes in small-business banking

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Banks and credit unions have new opportunities to broaden and deepen their relationships with the 32 million small businesses in the U.S., a perennially underserved customer segment.

Learn how your financial institution can offer services to match SMBs’ newly upgraded digital capabilities and win relationship primacy for years to come.

Articles in this report include:

Small businesses need your help
Why the services you offer can make all the difference.

Seeking financial immunity from COVID
Amid variant-related uncertainties, many small enterprises are turning to their banks to cover their current and future needs.

Small businesses want to be cared for
Access to capital for growth is a practical need, but SMBs also desire an emotional connection to their bank.

They’re not kids any more
Taking millennials and their needs seriously is the key to your SMB strategy.

Where’s everyone going?!
How banks can get ahead of SMB customer attrition.

Will neobanks take over small-business banking?
The newcomers are making inroads with specialized products and services, but traditional institutions are not simply ceding the territory.