BAI Banking Strategies Executive Report

Building a more diverse,

equitable, and inclusive


Banks and credit unions are publicly pledging to do their part to address American inequities, which includes hiring and promoting talent with the goal of greater diversity, equity and inclusion.

November’s BAI Executive Report helps put that plan into action.


Articles in this report include:

6 opportunities for banks to improve DEI
A broader reach in recruiting, hiring and promoting is vital, but also important is cultivating a diverse client base.

The ABCs of ERGs
Participation in employee resource groups is booming. Here’s how to ensure they best serve the employees who join them.

Goals and assists
A growing focus on DEI has some banks building more mentoring and career pathing into the performance review process.

Tech’s role in a post-COVID work world
Expect a blend of hybrid, remote and dynamic solutions that will need the right IT infrastructure to hold it all together.