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Compliance: Beyond the Regulations

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Compliance, properly leveraged, has benefits far beyond the hand workout you get from checking boxes. If approached correctly, compliance yields opportunities. To begin with, a culture of compliance creates wins for customers, shareholders and banks. As regulations become clearer and broader around cannabis, the mortgage industry and customer data, the need to build a strong organizational network is key.

Compliance viewed in a different light will help us behold its many positives: the way it protects consumers, knits employees together and—yes—delivers a competitive edge. Transcending the check-the-box mentality and examining these strategies is the focus of our latest executive report, Compliance: Beyond the regulations.

Articles in this report include:

Compliance training comes of age
More than ever, compliance strategies deserve a fresh look as mortgage professionals seek competitive advantage and improved productivity.

The cannabis conundrum: Frank talk about marijuana-related business banking
Banks simply can’t ignore legal issues surrounding marijuana-related businesses, even as more states OK cannabis use.

Of process and progress: How automated reconciliation manages internal controls
Manual processes can no longer keep up with compliance and fraud fighting objectives. Here’s how automation makes a difference.

Fraud on the home front: Spotting and stopping mortgage scams and schemes
Mortgage and property crimes that center on credit issues are on the rise. But financial institutions can keep home lending safe.

Three parts, two parties, one truth: How people, process and tech bolster compliance for the frontline and back office
Many banks struggle to put the pieces in place. Here’s how the right steps and tools build an efficient, unified compliance network.

Where regulation meets responsibility: The unwritten rules of customer data
Financial institutions need to protect consumers and obey the laws. But for the use of their data, customers want real value and help.