BAI Banking Strategies Executive Report

Connecting with

customers . . .

and keeping them

One of the most basic business objectives for banks and credit unions remains unchanged in the COVID-19 world: finding new customers, and then keeping them in an ultra-competitive environment.

The new BAI Executive Report takes a look at how the novel coronavirus is impacting these efforts and how financial services organizations can address the challenges.

Articles in this report include:

COVID-19 accelerates pace of customer acquisition
These banks are meeting the rush to digital with personal attention to drive new account openings and keep existing depositors happy.

Effective customer acquisition strategies for any environment
Data and history show that banks focused on growing their core clientele post superior profitability metrics.

Small businesses want and need more digital solutions
How to evolve and tailor your offerings for commercial customers who might be hiding on your consumer platforms.

A view from the not-so-cheap seats
As banks scramble to change messaging, how do they salvage value from costly sponsorships with no one in the stands?

Take your call center culture back to the basics
Use these three essential strategies to foster customer centricity while also building a winning team.

Rethinking the finer points of rewards
In the wake of the pandemic, banks are retooling their loyalty programs to fit the "new normal."