BAI Banking Strategies Executive Report

COVID-19 is remaking customer service ... forever

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The pandemic changed the way banks and credit unions serve their customers. What will become standard practice? What improvements can financial services organizations make?

The latest BAI Executive Report looks at how customer service has evolved – and, more importantly, where it’s headed.

Articles in this report include:

2020: The year that changed customer service
In branches, apps and call centers, financial services providers learned lessons that they will apply in the years ahead.

A one-way trip to the future
COVID-19’s shock to banking forced digital conversions, and now there’s likely no going back.

Humanizing customer service post-COVID
Whatever the road ahead looks like, lead with empathy and you’ll turn your banking clients into advocates.

A banking revamp starts from within
Fragmentation, manual processes and piecemeal digitalization stand between your organization and a better customer experience.

Puttin' on the Ritz
Banks look to high-end hotels and other customer service superstars to create a competitive edge.

Customer experiences that smile from ear to ear
Truly listening to your customers can turn consumers into devotees. Use these three tips to inspire your biggest fans.

Stop fraudsters from climbing your phone tree
Authenticating callers before they hear “hello” can halt scammers snooping into your interactive voice response systems.