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For all the talk of data and analytics in banks, it takes vision and focus to convert the resources banks have into a nexus for actionable insights. Meanwhile, a new generation of analytics has emerged, taking advantage of advances in machine learning and looking ahead to an era of open banking—popular in Europe, but slow to catch on in the United States. Data silos also persist in the financial services industry, making it hard to concentrate this rich resource into one revolutionary repository.
In this executive report, you will learn about data's next generation and the way analytics continues to advance the pursuit of smart digital transformation.

Articles in this report include:

From open balking to open banking
Using Europe as a model, U.S. banks can proactively adopt open banking to their benefit—but need to put aside their fears first.

Finding your market place: How customer data maximizes marketing performance
In an uncertain economic climate, marketers must adopt a data-driven mindset to create real value that connects to their efforts.

Where risk meets customer experience: the right mix through smart tech
Money moves faster than ever thanks to digital. How can providers offer an experience that’s secure and user-friendly?

Realizing (finally) the promise of artificial intelligence
The financial services industry hasn’t caught up to the technology just yet. But momentous momentum continues to build.

How the deep data revolution is transforming the CFO role
Tomorrow’s top finance leaders have a crucial task: To find value in analytics and generate insights to drive company strategy and profitability.

Expanding the mined: Beyond gathering data for data’s sake
Gathering and assembling the right data presents a challenge in itself. But first comes the call to set a strategy for applying it.