BAI Banking Strategies Executive Report

Data and analytics:

Better decisions by

the numbers

Use your most valuable raw material. Customer data can help you craft an informed customer strategy, guide your digital transformation and become your best defense against upstart competitors.

In September's BAI Executive Report, we look at how a bank or credit union can extract the full value of its customer data.


Articles in this report include:

Are traditional analytics leading financial institutions astray?
Adding to your existing set of metrics can provide a more detailed picture of your place in the competitive landscape.

Everyday insights fall short in exceptional times
Different data and benchmarking can fill gaps in the standard metrics and help banks and credit unions navigate COVID's economic uncertainties.

Virtual training is a cause for hope amid crisis
Challenges still abound, but banking industry workers may emerge from the pandemic better educated than before.

Fraudsters are riding on COVID’s coattails
AI tools, better training and clear communication can stymie scammers intent on taking advantage of the pandemic’s disruptions.

What’s your plan for battling synthetic fraud?
Focused analytics can play a central role in fighting this sophisticated criminal activity involving fake customer identities.

Signed, sealed, delivered ... to the right customers
Highly targeted, data-driven mailings can get your marketing messages to the most likely prospects.