BAI Banking Strategies Executive Report

Harnessing big data to personalize banking

A deeper understanding of your customers, workforce and company’s performance is a big part of your 2021 strategy. Data and analytics can help.

Get insights on how to leverage and analyze the treasure troves of data your financial institution collects in "Harnessing big data to personalize banking," the latest BAI Executive Report.

Articles in this report include:

Analytics: The engine driving personalization
Making better use of customer data that banks already have in hand will be at the core of offering customized experiences.

Using hard data for the softer side of banking
Advances in people analytics offer new ways of helping employees thrive.

Workforce intelligence for the decade ahead
The 2020s will be complicated. Your people analytics strategy shouldn’t be.

Behind the benchmarks
Precisely measuring your organization's relative performance amid a flood of data requires specific, relevant comparisons.

Do you hear what they’re saying?
A 'voice of the customer' strategy can improve profitability and retention. Here’s how to get there.

Playing for keeps
Getting personal is an effective way to create a connected customer experience in a disconnected world.

A roadmap to the next normal
CECL requirements are introducing new complexity. Let that change serve as a springboard for long-term transformation.