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Keeping up with banking’s digital evolution

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The banking industry continues its digital makeover, both to gain operational efficiencies and to meet their customers’ demands for a faster, easier and more convenient experience.

In this month’s BAI Executive Report, we explore this evolving and never-ending work that falls under the broad heading of “digital transformation” and provide actionable insights about modernizing operations across your organization.

Articles in this report include:

Banks’ digital makeover goes beyond their IT stack
“If you’re not changing more on the inside than the outside world is, then you’re falling behind.”

Banking on the cloud for a wealth of benefits
For many institutions, migrating away from in-house core systems is more of a business transformation than it is a technology project.

What’s next in digital modernization?
The banking industry continues its makeover to gain efficiencies and meet customers’ desire for faster, easier and more convenient services.

How banks can grow in a slowdown
One place to start is by getting more value from core areas of the business, including tech spend, data troves and employee ranks.

AI + data + CRM = More personalized banking
By using technology to develop insights, financial institutions can gain a more holistic view of their customers and design better digital channels.

Every banker needs to be a risk officer
With technology forming the foundation of every bank, it’s become clear that IT risk and business risk need to be managed together.

Virtual assistants: Efficiency and customer self-service
With automation doing most of the heavy lifting, banking institutions can bring down costs while increasing call center productivity.