BAI Banking Strategies Executive Report

Lenders going

digital to deal with


While the coronavirus pandemic has accelerated the move to digital, lenders look for ways to incorporate the personal.

How do banks and credit unions learn of a small business's needs? Or add the human touch that’s vital to their branding? How do they develop customer bonds that lead to loyalty?

In August's BAI Executive Report, we look at these issues and the smart ways lenders can move forward.

Articles in this report include:

Why the digital experience matters more than ever
To compete effectively in the new normal, customer needs belong at the center of your digital efforts.

Finally, more emphasis on inclusion
The legacies of long-outlawed discriminatory lending practices still affect minority borrowers today. Will today’s DEI efforts turn the tide?

Lead with empathy, follow with technology
As digital transformation caused by COVID-19 reshapes the lending industry, center your strategy on customer needs.

Customers still at center as PPP enters new phase
As the program moves toward the forgiveness stage, bankers stay focused on the needs of their struggling small-business borrowers.

Mortgage lending built for speed
Partnerships with innovative settlement service providers help lenders manage surging demand from tech-savvy buyers.

Using COVID-19 as a teaching tool
Security and compliance lessons learned from remote work and the flood of loan applications will help financial institutions plan for future crises.