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Marketing in 2023: Opportunities and Challenges

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How is your financial services organization prioritizing marketing strategies in 2023?

The financial services industry is facing a number of challenges heading into 2023. It can be difficult for marketers at banks and credit unions to stay on top of it all and adapt their marketing strategies to align with customer needs and organizational priorities.

This month’s BAI Executive Report explores a number of key topics you should be considering as you build your plans for 2023 and beyond.

Articles in this report include:

A test for marketing in a complex year to come
Higher interest rates, a growing risk of recession and the possibility of smaller budgets may present a tough environment in 2023.

Generational trends that marketers should understand
BAI’s research uncovers clear preferences that distinguish boomers from Gen Zers and everyone in between.

Today’s social media requires a deft touch
Playing it safe may be over, but banks and credit unions still need to be thoughtful and strategic in their approach.

5 marketing strategies to consider for 2023
Tighter regulations around privacy, a shift to cookieless browsing and restrictions on targeting don’t have to limit your reach.

The importance of digital customer journeys
How identity verification helps financial institutions win customers and keep them.

The growing downside of customer disengagement
Financial institutions that try to manufacture engagement may actually be driving customers toward the exit.

Marketing success in a cookieless future
In a digital marketing world where privacy matters more than ever before, personalization must be a top priority.