BAI Banking Strategies Executive Report

Marketing today:

Strong brands,

strong bonds

This troubled year presents a sizable challenge for bank and credit union marketers: How do we put together messaging that is both authentic and effective, while also being sensitive to the stressful times that so many Americans are going through?

October's Executive Report shares insights on how to address the unique issues that have arisen this year.


Articles in this report include:

Brand, spanking new
In the wake of COVID-19, banks must revisit how their brands are viewed and do what they can to boost reputation at this critical time.

Break down those marketing silos
Unleash your inner branding genius with this three-step playbook for creating your own multichannel strategy.

3 keys to creating more inclusive marketing
Examine your process, resources and business integration to inspire meaningful progress for your brand.

The most innovative tech product: Trust
Sales and marketing technology should enable deeper, more human relationships.

Hold screens that hold attention
ATM marketing campaigns can trumpet your brand’s message and drive engagement in a fractured media landscape.

Marketing meetings with remote control
Brainstorming in a work-from-home world looks nothing like casual encounters, whiteboards and sticky notes.