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Meeting the challenge of new customer acquisition

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Today’s slow-growth environment is a challenging headwind for financial institutions. This is causing banks and credit unions to reevaluate their new customer acquisition strategies for consumers and small businesses.

In this month’s BAI Executive Report, we provide insights to help shape and fine-tune your customer acquisition strategy and tactics.

Articles in this report include:

Improving the chances of acquisition success
A better understanding of consumer preferences can help banks and credit unions find new accountholders who will stay long term.

Small businesses, big opportunities
Giving these operators attention and tailoring offers to their needs can help banks develop an enduring relationship that can become more fruitful over time.

Why customer acquisition is banks’ #1 priority
BAI’s Mark Riddle discusses our key 2023 survey findings and how financial institutions can attract younger generations.

You can buy new customers, but you can’t buy loyalty
To realize the full potential of their acquisition efforts, banks need an intense focus on customer engagement to build and sustain sticky relationships.

Data-driven insights can improve your acquisition strategies
By leveraging first-party and third-party data, financial institutions can gain a more complete and more accurate picture of their customers.