BAI Banking Strategies Executive Report

Raising the customer experience bar

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To reach the summit of customer experience, financial services organizations have many paths up the mountain. Whether through employee-staffed call centers or mobile technologies; novel promotions or choreographed channels, banks have myriad ways to give customers what they want.
But aside from the lofty destination, much centers on the journey itself. Sometimes that means stepping up the tech game; others it calls for rethinking the placement and potential intrusion of human touchpoints. No matter the variable, it's safe to say the ground has shifted significantly from several years ago, when high-tech played more of a bit part in making customer experience shine. And yet, no shiny new tech toy holds the answer. This executive report gets to the heart of finding the right mix to ensure your customer experience success.

Articles in this report include:

Promotions in motion: New ways for financial institutions to win customers
Passive gift giving has given way to interactivity, with parties, yoga classes and hotlines to the CEO as part of the new wave.

Keep your mobile-moving customers clued in
Outstanding mobile banking tools are key to attracting and keeping customers. Just don’t leave your customers in the dark.

You make the call: Your contact center’s impact on successful online conversion
For all its parts and departments, online conversion depends on skilled people on the call center front lines.

Effortless is more: Five critical requirements for customer experience in an
ultra-connected era

Giving customers cross-channel consistency is challenging. But updated infrastructure creates the right foundation for today, and the future.

Give the customers what they want: Less and more
Customers want face-to-face help with vexing problems and to be left alone to tackle simple tasks. But oddly, some banks can’t tell the difference.

File under ‘opportunity’: Attracting customers who lack credit records
Yes, there are risks to working with people with thin (or no) credit histories. Enter alternative data.