BAI Banking Strategies Executive Report

Rewriting the rules
for deposit growth

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Whatever 2019 brings to the deposit growth landscape, this much is certain: Things won't get any simpler and quick fixes won't work. The challenge of growing deposits requires due diligence, extra vigilance and constant cultivation. In this executive report, we take on deposit growth with a singular goal: to provide clarity and actionable insights at a time when understandable confusion and concern have dominated the discussion.

Articles in this report include:

Growing up: How regional and local banks are boosting deposits
Financial institutions big and small want those coveted deposits in the year ahead. Here’s how smaller banks can fight for their fair share.

Fintech’s positives for delivering deposits
Deposit growth the old-fashioned way only goes so far. Fintech tools can turn customer data into smart insights that attract big business.

How to win underserved consumers—and turn them into well-served banking customers
While underserved consumers have come with risks, smart banks can leverage well-designed services to produce wins for all.

From deposit competition to determined direction
Ultra-low interest rates are history and the road ahead unmapped. But some scrappy banks have drawn new maps to success.