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Technology is pushing lending in new directions

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Rising rates make loans more profitable for banking institutions, but they also undercut credit demand. Advances in lending technology are allowing banks and credit unions to find new ways to serve and connect with customers and members.

This month’s BAI Executive Report outlines ways technology can help financial services providers reach the right customers with the right credit products and compete more effectively against nonbank players.

Articles in this report include:

Thriving in a higher-rate environment
A faster migration to digital can help financial services providers better cater to customers while protecting margins on lending products.

Building next-gen relationships through lending
Millennials and Gen Zers put a premium on fast, easy and convenient banking, and credit products can be a path to making a lasting connection.

Can tech make lending more inclusive?
Use of AI and machine learning to process and underwrite loans promises more access for the underserved, but algorithms alone can’t do the job.

Digital experience vs. customer journey
Forward-looking banks and credit unions are searching for a balance between technology’s convenience and the know-how provided by human employees.

Balancing consumer risk with seamless digital CX
A robust identity verification platform can enable lenders to confidently build a more complete picture of would-be borrowers of every generation.

7 ways to showcase your lending strengths
At a time of rising interest rates and growing economic uncertainty, Americans are motivated to find the credit option that fits them best.

Solving the mortgage retention crisis
New lending technology can help financial institutions work more effectively and keep a tighter grip on their customers.

Easier and more accessible mortgages
A new mortgage-as-a-service offering can save time and money for consumers while eliminating entrenched biases.