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Banking’s digital transformation continues to produce vast troves of data, but the data is often trapped in silos and can be hard to decipher.

In this month’s BAI Executive Report, we explore how properly harnessing and analyzing the ever-growing wealth of information can generate a feast of benefits—from more personalized messaging to more focused risk analysis to enhanced fraud protection.

Articles in this report include:

The future of banking is AI
Experts weigh in on how AI is impacting data analytics for financial institutions.

Achieving the new analytical tools’ full potential
Banks and credit unions must continue to invest in staff training so employees can effectively glean insights from data.

Should banks stop using averages?
Probability Management’s Sam Savage discusses the ‘flaw of averages’ and recent bank failures.

For bank marketers, transaction data can lead to increased revenue
Behaviors within digital banking including spending patterns and login behavior—all produce critical signals that can inform message delivery.

How data-driven insights transform digital banking
Banks and credit unions have a wealth of available data about their account holders that can be used to better understand their current activities and potential needs.

Taking a new approach to portfolio management in a complex landscape
AI-enabled processes are reshaping how bank executives are identifying actionable insights for enhanced operating leverage across the risk-analysis lifecycle.

Fighting financial fraud with open-source AI
By analyzing vast amounts of data, banks and credit unions can identify fraud patterns and anticipate and detect emerging ones.