BAI Executive Report

The power of data: How banks and credit unions can put it to work

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Banks and credit unions are awash in data. The trick is learning how to put that data to work for your institution.

This month’s BAI Executive Report shares actionable insights on how financial services organizations can use data to create strong relationships and enhance other business opportunities.

Articles in this report include:

Data holds the key to banking personalization
Digital banking has given financial institutions more information about their customers. The job now is to use it to create deeper connections.

Looking beyond the credit score
Would-be lenders are increasingly relying on alternative sources of data to help them assess whether a thin-file customer is creditworthy.

Harnessing data to help the underbanked
Today’s technology enables financial services providers to better understand Americans outside the banking mainstream.

5 must-dos for banks to delight customers
Using data in new and more efficient ways is the key to targeting the right markets and offering relevant products at the right time.

Fueling the data analytics engine
Hidden within the piles of documents at banks and credit unions is a reservoir of insights that intelligent automation can bring to life.

Gaining an edge with a preemptive data strategy
More effective use of information at their disposal can help community and regional banks deliver a personalized customer experience.

The many and varied benefits of digital IDV
A robust identity verification program can unlock relevant insights for financial institutions and allow them to provide better service.