BAI Banking Strategies Executive Report

Tuning into your customer's needs

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How do savvy banks identify and solve customer needs? How can we make a difference when fraud strikes? How can small-dollar lending and easier access to cash make a big impact for customers? In this executive report, we examine a number of key customer pain points with an eye towards the steps financial services organizations can take to better engage with the unbanked and underbanked consumer and small business owner in today's evolving economy.

Articles in this report include:

Lend them your ears: How better-listening banks win and keep customers
Making sure customers know you’ve heard them—and acted on it—is the key to 21st Century survival and success.

The storm cloud’s silver lining: How banks can help when disaster strikes
Whether through emergency cash access, waived fees or service above and beyond, banks can get stressed customers back on their feet. 

The large need for small-dollar lending
With a green light from federal authorities, banks can once again help customers meet short-term financial needs and save money.

Making cash easier for consumers and small businesses
Banks that expand their cash options provide a valuable service to the unbanked and underbanked—and attract new business. 

How smart banks take the sting out of cybercrime
Fraud is never good news to the customer who gets attacked. But there’s comfort in knowing the financial institution has your back.

Why your small business strategy needs to address checks
In an era of mobile payments and online banking, checks—and the availability of funds—are still the lifeblood of small businesses.