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Digital capabilities touch so many aspects of banking today that we know it’s time to elevate the discussion. It’s with a nod to maturing digital strategies that we bring you the latest BAI Executive Report: “Unlock what’s next for digital.”

This edition is a checkpoint for your digital ROI, as there the demand to capture an increasingly higher level of operational efficiency continues to grow.

The issue additionally explores what’s next for consumer-facing digital features competing in an expanding payments space, as well as the omnipresent risk of fraud entering digital pathways.

Articles in this report include:

‘Digital first’ isn’t enough — banks must differentiate in a crowded field
Customer-facing digital strategies have grown up. Just in time, too. Here comes mobile-tethered Gen Z, growing into their own sophisticated banking needs.

More with less: Business-banking clients want their own digital tools
Commercial wallets, automation, security and the payments ease that many expect in consumer banking can also free up businesses to focus on their own growth.

Anticipating a cashless society
A professor weighs the benefits and burdens of a strictly digital economy and its impact on banks.

Opt for layered identity verification for safer, efficient digital operations
A strong verification strategy can help financial services providers build customer trust while still fighting fraud.

Start with a unified platform: 4 keys to leveraging your digital investment
Create a clear strategy and think of data as a powerful currency.

Digital banking as a puzzle: Many consumer touchpoints and the goal of a seamless connection
Complete the picture with personalized services, operations optimization and innovative products.

How to respond when digital customers want fortified protection — without any trace
Advanced consumer identity and access management (IAM) can strengthen security yet keep the experience invisible and painless on the front end.

Revolutionizing loan origination with AI
Artificial intelligence, including gen AI, elevates digital lending capabilities.

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