BAI Banking Strategies Executive Report

What's in store for bank branches?

Long before the U.S. felt the first real impacts of COVID-19 a year ago, the role of the branch was in a state of flux. Digital banking was already ascendant. The pandemic accelerated that trajectory.

This month's Executive Report shares insights on the role branches will play in the future and why branches will remain an important asset for banks and credit unions.

Articles in this report include:

Getting ready for their extreme makeover
Even though traffic has rebounded to surprising levels, long-term changes to branch layouts and offerings are coming.

Is your branch channel ready for Banking 4.0?
Brand visionary Jean-Pierre Lacroix considers the evolution of the branch and looks to its future.

3 steps for strengthening customer engagement post-COVID
Build a "durable, crisis-proof, digital-first strategy" to excel when the next chapter begins.

Don’t rush to write off the branch
Consumer preferences suggest people and physical locations have a future for delivering specialized, high-touch services.

Reimagining the hub-and-spoke model
Lessons from the past year point toward the increasing importance of ATMs and other access points outside the branch.

Is this your card?
Why the magic of immediate issuance is an important trick to have up your sleeve as the in-branch experience evolves.