BAI Banking Strategies Executive Report

Where banks fit in the new world of lending

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As deposits have climbed to record highs, lending has tumbled to all-time lows in some categories, including home and commercial real estate loans.

In this Executive Report, BAI looks at where lending opportunities lie, and why this is the time for banks and credit unions to create an end-to-end, digital-lending solution.

Articles in this report include:

Leaning into the lending landscape’s next normal
Experts share their outlook for various lending types in the near future as the economic recovery gains steam.

Can banks compete in a digital-lending world?
The first step may be for traditional institutions to fully accept the industry’s ongoing disruption.

Getting personal
While the pandemic may have shifted consumer borrowing habits, plenty of opportunity remains in the personal loan space.

Rethinking credit risk in underserved communities
A not-for-profit lender in Chicago has its own approach to gauge the likelihood that small-business borrowers will repay their loans.

Loan management needs an upgrade
In a lending landscape rocked by a year of seismic changes, siloed operations and clogged workflows won’t cut it.

A SUPER way to better CX
Inspiring customers who generate more customers can deepen banking relationships and boost the bottom line.