BAI Banking Strategies Executive Report

The 'now normal'

for bank customer


Let’s not wait for the “new normal” to establish itself. Let’s learn from the “now normal.” BAI’s latest Executive Report takes a look at customer service and what financial services leaders have learned in the last two months – and what adjustments we can make with customers and employees in mind.

Articles in this report include:

Coronavirus crisis forces banks to be nimble with customer service
As reps work from home, what are the enduring lessons for the industry?

Maximize the digital experience during social distancing
Smarter digital identity verification practices can allow for easy and secure account openings when face-to-face isn’t possible.

After COVID-19: More digital, more ‘controllers’
The pandemic will likely accelerate customer-service changes already underway.

Fraud customer service matters even more during a recession
Make sure customers aren’t missing or inadvertently blocking your outbound calls in crucial moments.

Work-from-home call centers attracting attention of fraudsters
Coronavirus measures play into a trend that was already on the rise.