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Leveraging AI with human capital

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AI is rapidly evolving and multifaceted. By skillfully leveraging the technology, importing clean data, and ensuring all organizational stakeholders are involved, financial institutions stand to benefit from AI implementation while providing upskilling opportunities for employees.

BAI recently spoke with several prominent individuals within the financial services industry to explore their AI implementations and discover best practice recommendations.

  • Sathish Muthukrishnan, Ally Financial, discusses how his organization approached its AI journey and provides practical recommendations for leveraging AI at financial institutions.
  • Sang Kim, BMO, shares how AI can be applied to the contact center, so that agents can work with the technology to enhance the customer service experience.
  • Gordon Campbell, Rich Data Co., provides insights on harnessing AI and machine learning for credit decisioning.
  • Greg Jacobi, Salesforce, addresses how generative AI is transforming banking, how financial institutions can prepare and upskill their teams and how banks can instill trust with their customers when leveraging AI.

Learn more about how these industry leaders are addressing AI implementation and leveraging AI technology in various capacities in this BAI Special Report.

Sathish Muthukrishnan
Chief Information, Data and Digital Officer
Ally Financial

Sang Kim
Head, U.S. Virtual Connect and Customer Advocacy

Gordon Campbell
Co-Founder and Chief Customer Officer
Rich Data Co.

Greg Jacobi
Vice President and General Manager of Banking Industry Solutions and Strategy

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